Sunflower Growing Competition September 2010

During March and April this year packets of sunflower seeds were quickly picked up by keen gardeners of all ages throughout the parish. A total of 130 packets of seed were sold with gardeners keen to get their seeds germinated and planted out avoiding frost and the dreaded slugs. With a reasonably good summer this year there was a good success rate with plants being fed with all sorts of secret mixes and formulae in pursuit of the big prize for whoever could grow the tallest flowering plant. During August reports started coming in of sunflowers reaching dizzy heights and it was apparent that a competition was coming together. Judging of entries was planned for mid September when the flowers should have been at their best and flowering well. As you will see from the photographs below, some entries hadn’t just reached the flowering stage by the judging date but the warm sunny weather of late September has ensured that they too have now flowered. Thanks to everyone who bought seeds and entered the competition this year, seeds will be available next spring for the 2011 competition and we hope it will be an even bigger and taller success with competitors trying to beat the heights reached this year.