Before Renovation

On the morning of 4th April 2011 a band of volunteers arrived at St Mary Star of the Sea Church, Nunsquarter to start ‘clearing out’ the church in preparation for the commencement of renovation work which was scheduled to last for six months. The clearing out involved emptying all the drawers and cupboards in the Sacristy and packing everything that would not be needed for the duration of the renovations into boxes which were labelled prior to transfer to the lofts at St Joseph’s, Ballycran. As Friday evening and Sunday morning Masses would be transferring to St Mary’s Primary School, any items that would be needed were packed and transferred to the School.

Clearing out also took place in the old Parochial House at Nunsquarter and the Parochial Halls. Then the electricity was disconnected in preparation for demolition of the house and halls. The following photographs will give you an idea of the work that was involved and also what Nunsquarter looked like before the diggers moved in.