Rush Party – St Brigid’s Crosses January 2010

On Thursday 28th January dedicated parishioners gathered in the Old Schoolhouse at Ballycran to continue the tradition of preparing St Bridget’s crosses for the feast of St Brigid on Monday 1st of February. The finished crosses were blessed at Mass on Monday with holy water and with the words: May the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost be on these Crosses and on the place where they hang and on everyone who looks on them. The cross should be hung on the front doors of homes and left in place all year, to be burned and replaced with a newly-woven Cross on the next St. Brigid’s Day.

The story of St Brigid tells that during one of her travels, St. Brigid went to visit a dying pagan chieftain. As she sat near his bed, she picked up some rushes on the floor and began weaving a Cross. He asked her about what she was doing and, in explaining, she told him about Christ and the meaning of the Cross. He came to faith and was baptized.