15. Kubby Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer

Kubby Nursery is fundraising on behalf of MacMillan Cancer and The Play Department of the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.
If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, you need a team in your corner supporting you – MacMillan are there every step of the way. And we all know the pleasure our children get from new toys – imagine the distraction a new toy can give to a sick child battling a life threatening illness.
To raise funds for these two very worthwhile charities, Kubby Nursery is holding various events during September – please see notice board for details. So far Ethan and Lena, two of our altar servers, have helped with the fundraising – Ethan took part in the Soap Box Race at Hillsborough Oyster Festival on 7th September coming homeĀ in a well deserved third placeĀ and Lena very kindly had her long hair cut and donated it to help make wigs for the little ‘princesses’ battling cancer. If you wish to sponsor Ethan or Lena, please contact Kubby.
“Sometimes super heroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles…” Childhood Leukaemia Foundation.