14. Whist Drive ~ 2014

The annual Parish Whist Drive took place on Thursday 20th November in McKenna Community Centre. Whist players from the Parish and further afield enjoyed an evening of playing whist and were treated to a delicious supper at half time. At the end of the evening, following a raffle for tickets sold in the hall, the  Annual Whist Drive Draw took place.
Whist Winners: Top Prize John McNamara
Ladies 1st Kate Braniff, 2nd Joan Gilmore, 3rd Jean Rogan
Gents 1st Eamon McCullough, 2nd Shane Gilmore, 3rd Brendan McCarthy
Winners of the Whist Drive Draw: Heating Oil or £250 cash, Brigid Doherty
£100 Monica Hoare: £50 each to Marjorie Kelly, P Miskimmin, Chloe McClements.