11. Meabh Carlin – My Faith Journey ~ 2015

On the evening of Thursday 8th October 2015, the Pastoral Area Team hosted an evening of inspiration followed by refreshments and time for a chat in St Mary’s Primary School, Kircubbin. The guest speaker was Meabh Carlin who described her “Faith Journey” as a result of events that took place at the 2011 World Youth Day celebrations.

Faith Journey – My Story by Meabh Carlin

During the 2011 World Youth Day celebrations in Madrid, 19 year old Meabh from Craigavon was crossing the road when a taxi broke through a red light and knocked her down. Meabh was seriously injured and spent over a year in a wheelchair.
Looking back, Meabh says “The accident was a gift. It was hard to
say that in the midst of the tragedy, but, on reflection, I can certainly see that.”