15. Whist Drive ~ 2018

On Thursday evening, 22nd November, whist players from the parish and neighbouring parishes and indeed further afield gathered in McKenna Hall for our Annual Whist Drive.

This year there were fifteen full tables of players who kept a steady pace of games until half time was called and a delicious supper was served. Plenty of time then to catch up with players who may not have met since last year.

Our new Parish Priest, Fr Alexander, was on hand to draw the winning tickets for the raffle and also for the Special Draw. Fr Neeson also was on hand! Then it was time to announce the winners of the Whist Drive before distributing the prizes.

Whist Winners: Top Prize: Michael Hughes.
Ladies: 1st. Margaret McCarthy, 2nd. Paula Bell, 3rd. Angela Fitzmaurice.
Gents: 1st. Jim McNamara, 2nd Hugh Gilmore, 3rd Dessie McGrath.

Special Draw Winners: £200 – Brian Gilmore, 300l Home Heating Oil – Hugh Brown, £50 each to Jim McNamara and Matthew Savage, Christmas Hamper – John Coulter.