12. Christmas – 3 Cribs and 3 Trees in the Parish ~ 2020

While Christmas this year was going to be completely different to any other Christmas due to the Covid 19 restrictions, it did not stop our teams of flower arrangers and volunteers in the Parish from marking the occasion.

Apart from the traditional decoration of the Churches with flowers, Cribs and Christmas Trees, this year included further seasonal decorations around the outdoor Mass Room at St Joseph’s including a Christmas Tree and Crib.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Alexander, commented: “we have Three Cribs and Three Trees in the Parish this year!”

Pictures show the seasonal flower arrangements, Christmas Trees and Cribs that were in place throughout the Christmas Season to help celebrate the Season and also raise the spirits of everyone during this difficult year.

Many thanks to all our flower arrangers and volunteers who selflessly gave of their time to make sure this was going to be a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons!