04. Lent in the Parish ~ 2021

The Season of Lent is a period when the Church uses signs or symbols to remind the Faithful of the penitential nature of the Season they are in.

These signs include on Ash Wednesday, the ashes on the forehead. Then there is the ‘sackcloth and ashes’ which is displayed as a sign of Penance and the colour purple of the Priest’s vestments and coverings for statues and pictures which is a sign of bruising and suffering. Then on Palm Sunday we have the Palm Crosses.

The restrictions in place because of Covid 19 meant some changes this year in the Parish. The traditional marking the forehead with a cross of ashes on Ash Wednesday was replaced by Parishioners receiving a sachet of blessed ashes after the Ash Wednesday Mass to bring home with them and distribute in their own households.

At the Palm Sunday Masses, the Palm Crosses were blessed and these too were distributed to Parishioners as they left after Mass.

The pictures show how both our Parish Churches once again marked this important Liturgical Season by various means. This too was to maintain a sense of normality during this challenging time.

Our weekly Parish Faith Survival Kits also contained useful ideas on how to make the most of Lent. Some of these are included in the slides.