The loss of a family member, friend or loved one brings a sense of grief, loss and change into all our lives. We want you to know that your sorrow and grief is shared by the whole parish community. We will remember you in our prayers.
Please contact the Parish Priest to arrange a funeral on 028 4273 8294.

Graveyard Policy

Deceased in 2016
Ann Kelly, 13th January
Alma Galer, 22nd January
Colette Blaney, 24th January
Ann Crawford, 28th January
Margaret Fowler, 6th February
Marguerite McCullough, 11th February
Mary Ritchie, 23rd February
Richard Robinson, 1st March
Seamus Kelly, 4th March
David Fitzsimmons, 17th April
Patrick Watson, 19th April
Jarlath Hamilton, 22nd April
Etta Clarke, 7th June
Charlie Strong, 5th July
William Bryce, 14th July
Evelyn Ennis, 22nd July
Josephine Brown, 1st August

Deceased in 2015
Essie Savage, 7th January
Seamus Caldwell, 21st February
Joseph Breen, 4th March
Genevieve McCullough, 23rd March
Maeve Caldwell, 10th April
Philip Dynes, 23rd April,
Essie Monaghan, 2nd May
Bridie Horne, 9th June
Lil Hughes, 2nd July
Ruby Denvir, 8th August
Christopher McGrattan, 8th September
Tom Finnegan, 25th September
Robert Brown, 2nd November
Mary Ennis, 15th November
Samuel Doherty, 9th December

Deceased in 2014

Hugh McNamara, 3rd January
Jean Gilmore, 1st February
Irene Matchett, 7th March
Raymond Kelly, 24th May
Joe Vance, 6th August
Jim McBride, 9th August
Peggy Byers, 17th August
Andy Murray, 5th October
Maureen Atcheson, 22 November
David Mallon, 21 December

Deceased in 2013

Hugh Ennis, 18th February
Cliff (Calistus) Hamilton, 27th March
Hugh O’Prey, 9th April
Dorothy Gilmore, 7th May
Joseph McCullough, 13th May
Herbert Matchett, 11th June
James Gilmore, 18th July
Eileen McNamara, 29th July
May Bailie, 31st July
Maureen Coffey, 13th August
Seamus Mallon, 24th August
Clare Matchett, 11th September
Seamus Ritchie, 21st October
Susan Donnelly, 2nd November
Bon Ennis, 30th November
Norah Goan, 22nd December

Deceased in 2012

Josephine Blaney, 1st January
Hugh O’Prey, 26th February
Bobby Stuart, 9th March
Maggie Hughes, 13th March
Mardi Brown, 23rd March
Maurice McCarthy, 27th April
Mary Fitzgerald, 3rd June
Margaret Gilmore, 3rd July
Sadie White, 24th July
Mary Teresa Gilmore, 15th September
Maureen Gallagher, 5th October
David Braniff, 17th October
Brian Denvir, 5th November
Christine Wright, 9th December