Apostolic Society

Founded in Down and Connor in 1923, the Apostolic Society raises funds and provides financial and material assistance to missionaries around the developing world. Traditionally this largely meant supplying religious items such as vestments, missals and the “Mass Kit” which includes all the items and vessels required by a priest to celebrate Mass.

Nowadays most of the money donated is used to directly help those in severe poverty aid their own developments and self sufficiency. This may involve installing a piped water system, teaching them how to grow their own crops, education and health issues or employment opportunities. For example, down the years Apostolic workers throughout Ireland made vestments for missionaries, but in recent times it has become substantially more cost-effective to purchase the fabric in the developing country and employ ladies there to make the garments. This gives them the opportunity to learn a skill, earn money and in turn provide for their families and pass their training on to others. Amazingly the financial saving per set of vestments is well over £500!!!

Within this parish “The Apostolic” has been active since 1956 – indeed for many years there were two branches within the parish, such was the missionaries’ need for support. Missionaries and those they assist require financial assistance as much now as throughout the decades.

The Apostolic Society in the Parish of Ardkeen is maintained by a small group of ladies fundraising to provide for those who are living in poverty. It may be in coming years that this branch will merge with a neighbouring branch, so as to serve the needs of the society more effectively. New members are needed and will be warmly welcomed.

By means of our faith we are all apostolic,
sent to continue Jesus’ mission on earth.