Arrangements for Mass during Renovation

During the renovations at St Mary Star of the Sea Church, Nunsquarter, St Mary’s Primary School was used for the Friday evening Novena Mass and the Sunday morning Mass. These Masses were in addition to the normal weekly school Mass on Wednesday mornings. The photographs show how the assembly hall was transformed to accomodate the additional weekend Masses.

The pictures also show the new altar which was made by local man, Leonard Breen, to complement the lectern which he made previously and the floral decorations that were added for Easter Sunday and Pentecost. A word of thanks to the volunteers who arrived every Friday afternoon to help set out the chairs and prepare the hall for Mass and also helped to stack the chairs and put the hall back into shape following the Sunday morning Mass in readiness for school on Monday.

A special word of thanks also to Mr Dorrian and his staff for accommodating the parish Masses during this period of work.